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Getting ready for the Black Friday sales...

I'm looking at another Synology @martin-s , there has been some Synology 218J and 218Plays on offer, haven't seen any really good deals on hard drives yet.

If I see anything special Ill post here :)
There is a Synology 4 Bay 415 Play (video transcoder) at £250 in the amazon warehouse deals, WD have 20% off on their website hard drive wise.
Thanks, but it's overkill for what I need. Just looking for a NAS as a personal storage/backup device. Keen to find one that can backup offsite too, like the QNAP I have for work.
Not on current topic, but virgin medias sim only 200gb (ee)for £20 could be good for any business users out there that have staff that smash data.
There is a QNAP TS-328 with 2gb Ram, and 3 Bays (Raid 5 capable) for £191.

Again its probably overkil again, but its the sort of thing I look for for so probably just not seeing more simple options :)
There was a decent spend spend £40 get £25 back on Amazon AMEX deal offer that was applicable to all family members using the card. That aside though not a great deal caught my eye.

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