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Guest Posters and Resident Content Writers Wanted

Discussion in 'Services Wanted' started by inteldigital, Nov 1, 2018.

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    We're just launching our new website and have decided that we're going to allow guest posting and resident content writing. We get thousands of people through our website a week but we're hoping this will increase significantly over time with the right content.

    We're not offering content writers monetary gains however we have put together a programme for writers that enables them to achieve certain benefits within our network. Including but not limited to:

    • Top content writers are eligible for discount off certain products we offer and sometimes even periods where they’re free
    • Access to our exclusive Writers Corner Facebook page where you can network with like minded individuals and industry heads alike
    • Chance to earn a monthly award for best content and be featured on our front page, win gift vouchers and other great gifts
    • Monthly email from our CEO and Chief Editor giving tips, tricks and ideas for articles we’re most likely to publish
    We're looking for people that enjoy creating and writing, not people after a quick buck. Best content writers will gain a regular spot on our content roster and be given additional benefits.

    PM me if you're interested or know someone who may be interested. Don't bother if you're not 100% dedicated to writing and creating genuinely good, written content.
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