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Discussion in 'Other Domain Names' started by DeanRowe, Sep 29, 2008.

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    HolidaysTo.com is available for sale, it has been appraised by Sedo and is valued at mid-£x,xxx. Here are a few snippets...

    "The domain name holidaysto.com is relatively short (10 letters)."

    "The domain is relatively easy to remember. The easiest domain names to remember are those that consist of a single real word or a commonly-used expression."

    "From a linguistic point of view, the domain name holidaysto.com is considered valuable as it is a meaningful two-word phrase in the English language."

    "The domain name holidaysto.com is resistant to traffic diversion as it is relatively easy to spell and uses the dominant .com extension. This has a positive impact on domain value."

    "A domain’s ability to be used internationally is a valuable asset. Due to its .com ending, holidaysto.com is suitable for international use."

    "Branding and Advertising Potential - We have tested your domain name for its suitability for both types of businesses. The domain appears to have good advertising and branding potential, especially because phonological characteristics and the international usage are very distinctive features."

    "Your domain is most identifiable with the travel industry. The travel industry is well-known for its online presence, relies heavily on the Internet to maximize revenue, and is constantly evolving in the online world. The value of the domain name benefits significantly by its compatibility with this sector, and has high revenue potential."

    "Comparable Transactions: HolidaysDirect.com 12,100 $US"

    The mockup banner above was made up a few months ago (it can be used if you wish, I can send the original PSD file for it). I had the intention of setting up a review site, that lists prices for holidays through affiliate feeds - however I haven't had the time to do so and its not looking like I'll get the time to do so anytime soon, so I am looking to sell for a good price.

    My idea for the site's development was to establish it as a review site, so users are constantly adding unique content. Search Engines will rank it highly because of this. It has a massive amount of potential for user search relevancy. For example, the subpage http://www.holidaysto.com/newyork will show up as being relevant (and in bold on the results page) for "Holidays to New York", just as http://www.holidaysto.com/spain with show for "Holidays to Spain".

    Thank you for your time, feel free to ask any questions, and please do not PM low offers - HolidaysDirect.com sold for 12,100 $US and I believe HolidaysTo.com is a much better domain and has better search engine potential - it is a very good domain and I'll keep it and develop it myself at a later date rather than sell below its value.

    Thank you
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