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hyphenated portfolio - good names for development

Nov 14, 2006
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If anyone is interested in a hyphenated portfolio of two word co.uk names (+UK rights) for development then let me know.

Approximately 20 names - all good for small development projects and in theory should be able to be built into revenue generating sites easily

In my opinion there are a few very good ones in the mix that on their own could potentially repay anticipated cost of sale in a short space of time and become lucrative quickly.

Looking to sell this portfolio at what I consider to be a cheap price per name but only for a bulk sale. Buyer pays transfer fees

If anyone is interested and wants to see a list then let me know by PM

If its only 20 names, why dont you just post them in this thread?
If its only 20 names, why dont you just post them in this thread?

For a couple of reasons - but the main one being because I don't want really low prices being offered publically on here that could potentially get picked up by search engines. I personally think the names are good quality with good development potential and could in theory be sold to end users for decent prices and make " good buys" for the right end users.

But if I go on to approach end users directly in the future with names and there are viewable lowball offers on here for the same names I think it could possibly spoil the sales pitch ! This is one of the reasons my posts often tend to ask for response by PM.

Anyway - happy to give a couple of examples though

  • mens-clothes.co.uk
  • australia-holidays.co.uk
  • british-property.co.uk
If anyone wants to see the full list by PM I will be happy to send it.
Very good, I understand. I should like to say that as you are a supporting member of the forum I will be very responsive to any request you make to me for removing an old sales thread that has commercially sensitive information within it.

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