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How big do you estimate the UK domain industry to be (number of people)?

Nominet for currently has 2192 members
The vast majority of those won’t be here…

Nominet currently had 2815 registrars
The vast majority of those won’t be here…

How many acorn members have (1) a valid email address (2) logged in during the last 30 days (3) made a post which is not spam?

Good evening Andrew :) You, as an intelligent man understand the size of the UK IT industry. And, I don't know a single IT professional in the UK who doesn't understand that domain names can be valuable assets.

Why do you compare a number of Nominet members with people in the UK who understand that a domain name is an asset?

As for the last question: since Jan 01, 2024 till today we have had 1,222 members who have logged in at Acorn.
Screenshot 2024-05-20 at 23.03.47.png

And, traffic over last 7 days:
Screenshot 2024-05-20 at 23.05.40.png

Does this help?

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