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Last thing.... Developing a domain

Sep 21, 2016
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I've been using the Beginner's Help section quite a bit lately!

I'm now well away in the selling domains trade- I'm now wanting to take it a bit further. I recently acquired ViralPics.co.uk and I would like to develop it into a full website that can make me some ad money.

Any tips?! Thanks!
Yes. These have just been slammed by the Facebook algorithm. Don't bother! :)
Plus, if you were going to make the effort with something like viral pics, you should really use an international extension to make the most of the opportunity.
Pick a CMS, and get used to it. WordPress is easy, but Drupal, Joomla and various others exist, get used to it and go from there. Thinking of building a site is the wrong way around, learn the foundations and go from there.
Figure out how to make £1 per day per day (in other words, £1 per day, every day) consistently and then work to turn that into £2, £3 etc.

£1 a day, annualised, pays for a nice weekend break in Europe.
£2 a day, annualised, pays for an iPad Pro.
£3 a day, annualised, really starts to add up!
£10 a day, annualised, is the same as a 10-hour a week part-time job at the National Minimum Wage (just for a bit of context). At £3,650 it's also the same interest you'd earn from keeping £365,000 in a savings account that pays 1% (different kind of context).

Up to a point, it will be easier to grow a project rather than keep juggling new projects, but you may also find you hit a "ceiling" where growth flattens out despite all your efforts. At that stage, if the numbers have rewarded the effort put in, then pick a similar/different/completely different niche, and start the process over again.

Important: don't scale a "success" from the first couple of days (e.g. an affiliate sales commission) and assume that it reflects what you will experience going forward. It's critical to build consistent revenue streams - a lucky sale or two might boost the early numbers, but then you can't/shouldn't annualise them because you'll only end up disappointed.
The closer to the money you can get, the more money you will make.

By this I mean, do you really want to invest time in building a site where you get a few pence a click IF you manage to beat the established sites in the sector.

Or, can you think of a better business model?

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