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Discussion in 'General Board' started by Robert Smith, Sep 27, 2020.

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    Well said. I'm still a knob and i'm not changing.
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    Bit unfair to say domainers are just giving away their domains. Those in the Champions League of domaining are supported by the rest of us working tirelessly and faithfully in the lower leagues.
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    Ryan, Aberdeen isn't it, or is it your dad Raymond who lives in Aberdeen? Never been there but i hear its a lovely place if you don't intent to visit the Universities anytime soon!

    Anyhow, If the fake name was created in 2016 then there is no reason why you can't use a new account under your real name albeit you lose the age of the account, however, if your running a legit loans company and advertising hundreds of thousands of pounds with of loans then surly you would want to do that under your real name and business and if not then why post the amounts your lending every week?

    Over the past month, i would imagine your combined posts accumulate to over £1 Million in loans however none of your company accounts reflect that sort of money in any way or shape? And i find it hard to believe that investors are throwing hundreds of thousands around to support the loans you wish to approve without using the correct channels and i wouldn't imagine Acorn under a fake name is one of them, who knows though as these are very uncertain times in our economy at the moment.

    I've got no issue with what you do but i think it should be done right if what your saying is true, have you ever heard of a pump and dump? when i read your posts it sets alarm bells off and one cant help but have the pump and dump scenario ticking over in the back of ones head.

    But wait.... Why would someone post this on acorn and boast about the loans if they wasn't real? Im glad you asked...

    it could be for one of many reasons, but here are two i would associate with a pump and dump scheme.

    1) To make other wealthy domainers trust them and thus give them cash to loan out thinking they will see a big return on their investment (Which will obviously not be the case and the investment will go tits up).

    2) To make others believe the domain portfolio's they are selling is worthy of hundreds of thousands when they "Pretend" the defaulter/borrower didn't pay the loan.

    In my own view, the later could already be happening in several posts you have made when you have said you are putting the feelers out in case the borrower does not pay and defaults on the loan.

    Anyway, i wish you look and you never know i might need a £250k loan in the future, i have bubblemachines.co.uk if that would be suffice to offset the risk ;)
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    I don't know the guy personally but some of those things you mention are jumping to conclusions.

    Just because he's been posting the deals, doesn't mean they have gone though. Maybe his business model is to only loan out when he has a buyer lined up? In that instance, it may no longer ne £1 million of loans he has given but only £200k, which his company data does show would be viable.