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LGPM.co.uk for sale from newbie, need Advice

Feb 25, 2018
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Hi, my name's Jonny. I've bought many domains in the past but have never sold any so I could REALLY use some advice. The main Domain I want to sell is LGPM.co.uk . As a 4 letter domain it won't get onto the "Spotlight Section" on DomainLore, and I have no idea how to price it effectively. Any Suggestions on where to post it for Sale, how much for and using which Sales Format?

I could really use some help from someone who knows what they're doing here :) I have some limited experience with US based Domain Markets but none for selling a .co.uk. Domain . I would add a Poll but I don't know what all the options are,
Thanks for any tips or advice you could give me,
Add it to domainlore, with a £50 start price no reserve. Let it run, once it gets a bid it'll auto move to the spotlight section. If it doesn't sell, open a sedo.com account and leave it parked there until it sells, or run a direct auction with sedo for about 60 quid. If it doesn't sell after 1 year, take the hit and drop it.

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