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Nominet Nominet and the Institute of Coding launch UK-wider programme, supporting those from...

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The three-year, £12m programme will support over 26,000 learners in the UK into digital roles through skills and education

Oxford, UK – 19th June 2023Nominet, the public benefit company that operates and protects .UK internet infrastructure, has partnered with The Institute of Coding (IoC). Together, they are launching an ambitious programme at scale to change the course of the UK’s growing digital skills shortage and pull down the barriers many face trying to enter the rapidly-evolving workforce.

Nominet has committed to £12m in funding over three years to develop the Click Start programme with the IoC, led by the University of Bath. There will be opportunities for over 26,000 learners to take part in the initiative – these could be anyone from veterans looking for a career change, to underrepresented groups who are looking for an introduction to entry level tech and digital roles, to young learners looking to start their careers.

Click Start will consist of a number of targeted, regional projects across the UK, which will support learners into technology and digital roles through skills and education. And, in collaboration with the University of Leeds, Coursera will provide free access to education for 25,000 eligible learners via a scholarship scheme. The courses provided will be designed and built especially for the Click Start programme, with a curated suite of up to 30 courses, with 18 available at launch, focusing on technical training, as well as Coursera’s top professional and personal skills courses, to support them in taking the first steps towards a new digital career.

The majority of learners will receive targeted online technical and professional skills training, employability skills modules, and portals to access further training and employment guidance. While others who experience increased barriers into employment will receive personalised support and engagement programmes delivered by third sector partners. This includes, but isn’t limited to, mentorship, pastoral support, and employability guidance from collaborating groups of local and regional educators, employers, and employability organisations.

The programme is unique in that it brings together Nominet and the IoC’s connections for the first time, with universities, charities, and communities all in partnership with a shared purpose. In addition, Nominet will commit funding to the rigorous monitoring and evaluation of these regional projects in order to create a scalable solution to the digital skills gap and social mobility in the UK.

Paul Fletcher, CEO, Nominet commented: “The UK has lower rates of social mobility compared to other developed countries. This means that many people, regardless of their talent or hard work, lack the opportunity to gain employment, develop meaningful careers and reach their full potential. This project aims to innovatively bridge this gap and get people from disadvantaged backgrounds into digital careers. It’s a national challenge that we are tackling in a local, targeted way through regional partners, really getting into the heart of communities across the UK. This programme is right at the core of what Nominet stands for – operating at heart of the internet and as a Public Benefit company.”

Rachid Hourizi, Director of the Institute of Coding, adds: “We are faced with the significant challenges of a digital skills and recruitment crisis, compounded by a fragile talent pipeline of insufficient growth and diversity. But thanks to Nominet’s funding, the IoC and its partners in education and industry can make a real impact through the design, build and scale of a programme that responds to these challenges. And we will do it in a way that specifically supports disadvantaged and under-represented groups of people looking to achieve their true potential in this field by offering different pathways through education to skills and employment, and entry into digital careers.”

The applications for the Coursera programme have launched today. To see if you, or someone you know, is eligible, visit the website to find out more and apply.

About Nominet
Nominet is a public benefit company, driven by a commitment to use technology to improve connectivity, security and inclusivity online. For 25 years, Nominet has developed an expertise in the Domain Name System (DNS) that now underpins sophisticated threat monitoring, detection, prevention, and analytics that is used by governments to mitigate cyber threats. Our social impact programme provides funding, support and opportunities to help tackle some of the most important digital issues facing young people in the UK today.

Nominet’s partnership with the IoC is a flagship programme, and part of Nominet’s commitment to creating a lasting impact across wider society, towards positive social outcomes – such as increasing educational attainment or improving economic opportunities as young people enter the workforce. Our funding address long-standing social challenges in which technology can play a pivotal role, to find out more visit: https://www.nominet.uk/social-impact/

About The Institute of Coding

The Institute of Coding (IoC), led by the University of Bath, is a collaborative national consortium of industry, educators and outreach providers that are working together to respond to the UK’s digital skills gap through the delivery of employer-led digital skills education. Through this collaborative approach, IoC partners have created more than 150 new courses that have engaged over 900,000 diverse learners to date. 


Samantha Curtis, Media Relations Lead at Nominet

[email protected]

Clea Wood, Head of Marketing and Communications at the Institute of Coding
[email protected]

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