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Nominet Nominet helps Upstart Projects provide digital media mentoring to over 100 young people

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Upstart Projects, based in the West Midlands, supports young people to develop their creativity, skills and confidence by taking part in arts and digital media activities. The charity runs Voice magazine, an online arts and culture magazine for readers and posters aged 13-30. Voice acts as a training ground for young people interested in creative and digital careers but without access to contacts or the funds to undertake unpaid internships.

Olivia Wyatt, Project Lead at Cloud Artisans nominated Upstart Projects for funding through the Members’ GiveHub in March 2024. Following the application, Nominet awarded £5,000 in funding to help Voice magazine continue to mentor over 100 young people.

Mentoring over 100 young people in digital media and the arts

“Upstart Projects is delighted to receive a grant of £5,000 from Nominet”, says Diana Walton, Director, Upstart Projects.

The funding will help the charity retain an important staff role, Voice Training Lead, which oversees Voice magazine’s training and mentoring programmes for young people, while it develops other channels of funding for this role.

The magazine’s Training Lead will support around 100 young arts reviewers in addition to 20 media trainees in the coming year – as well as helping past trainees develop their portfolios to improve their chances of securing jobs.

The application process was clear and straightforward and it was very helpful to receive such a quick response. Thank you to Nominet!”

– Diana Walton, Director, Upstart Projects

Building on past success

Upstart Projects was previously nominated and subsequently awarded funding through the Members’ GiveHub in 2021, thanks to Stable Point Ltd. Here’s what the not-for-profit had to say at the time:

“We are ecstatic to receive support from Nominet. It will go a long way to supporting our work engaging digitally with young people, developing new skills and providing a safe platform for them to have their voice heard.”

This latest round of funding is a natural extension that builds upon the charity’s great work to date, giving young people a voice and equipping them with first-hand experience in digital media and the arts.

About the Members’ GiveHub

Every month, Nominet members can apply for up to £10,000 in funding per financial year to go towards an eligible UK-registered organisation that aligns with our commitment to making the world more connected, inclusive and secure. A total fund of £50,000 is available every month.

Applications are reviewed monthly by the GiveHub panel, made up of up to seven volunteers from the membership, who work closely with the Membership Engagement team.

To find out how you can get involved with the Members’ GiveHub and start making a difference, contact [email protected].

Image provided by Upstart Projects/Voice magazine

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