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Nominet to upgrade Nameserver software

Discussion in 'Nominet General Information' started by Whois-Search, Mar 10, 2006.

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    Nominet, the .uk domain name registry, today announced collaboration with Internet Systems Consortium Inc. (ISC) to enhance security standards of the BIND nameserver software.

    BIND is central to the operation of Internet nameservers, which direct Internet traffic to the correct IP address behind each domain name. For Nominet in particular, BIND provides a robust and stable architecture for the central nameservers that serve .uk and are used for all emails and requests for .uk web sites. By supporting ISC in developing BIND, Nominet is investing in a core system that business and global Internet users rely on, and finding an innovative way of sponsoring open source software development.

    Nominet supports ISC with essential funding to the BIND Forum and also allows the company to make use of its Coverity software licence, which analyses programmes for faults and security flaws. Nominet subscribes to Coverity to test its own coding, but only requires a small proportion of this facility so the remainder is offered to ISC, along with access to Nominet's test server. The result is that ISC benefits from financial and operational support, while Nominet assists with development of an essential open source product that is used across the global Internet industry.

    Jay Daley, IT Director at Nominet said: "Open source applications and those involved in their development need the support of the companies that benefit from their use. Through our innovative collaboration with ISC, we are effectively sponsoring the progress of an open source application that is central to the operation of Internet nameservers worldwide, including our own. Our focus is on maintaining security and reliability for .uk domain names and we are keen to invest in its development. Through this mutual agreement, software such as BIND will continue to keep the Internet and all those who use it secure."


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