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saturn.uk - I am in GoDaddy auction. Value??

If *you* don't know that the domain is worth to you it's going to be virtually impossible for anyone else to tell you.
Simply though - how much money do you think you can generate with it either via development or sale? Then bid below that value.
And there is so much good stuff around, don't bother unless you are convinced you want it.

No point bulking out your portfolio with stuff you aren't sure you need.
Well, it's worth 3.75 if you actually want it ;)

Do you have a use for the domain (beyond resale) i.e. something to develop on that name/brand ?

It's a US car brand (that does sell over here) with lots of trademarks - the .com is used, the .co.uk doesnt appear to resolve - so whomever owns that doesnt think it was worth a fiver to also have the .uk

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