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uk Selection of premium names at fair prices: 365.uk - TOD.uk - Monitor.uk - Nature.uk ...

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    All parked at Sedo and listed with a BIN (in USD) while we're offering a small discount on deals closed through Escrow.com
    BTC payments are welcome through the Epik.com escrow service.
    PayPal is fine too but exclusively for senior members.
    All prices in this page have been obviously converted in GBP.
    Post here, buy directly at Sedo, PM or email your request or for more info: domainsales@domainempire.com

    19.uk 4837
    74.uk 4434
    FN.uk 4030 (Free network)
    TQ.uk 2660
    365.uk 14510
    DEB.uk 1210
    DSL.uk 1210
    FWD.uk 1210
    GPS.uk 1290
    PER.uk 1210
    PPL.uk 1210
    TEM.UK 1048
    TEP.UK 1048
    TOD.UK 1774
    TOT.UK 1854
    TRA.UK 1209
    Accommodation.uk 3216
    Audio.uk 6448
    BitCoinTrading.uk 1210
    CasinOnline.uk 1612
    CouponCodes.uk 1612
    Erotic.uk 4014
    LuxuryCars.uk 2418
    LuxuryProperties.uk 3224
    Mature.uk 2418 (Small traffic & Mini parking rev)
    MobileCasino.uk 3063
    Monitor.uk 1612
    Nature.uk 2821
    Profile.uk 1854
    Records.uk 1773
    Technologies.uk 1773
    Tips.UK 3224
    Tower.UK 2418
    Vision.uk 3547

    We've recently published our new inventory including over 2000 selected names (multiple niches and price ranges).
    Have a look at the whole list at our website.

    We're always opened to serious trade against quality .Com names.
    Brokers are welcome just contact us for more info.
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