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Selling a Brilliant Directories Website - britishtippleclub.co.uk

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by David R, Jun 3, 2020.

  1. David R United Kingdom

    David R New Member

    May 2020
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    Hi all,

    This is my first post and the first time I've tried to sell a website! So I'm looking for some advice on the best way to go about it.

    The website is up and running ready to go with some content on it but not taking revenue yet as everything came to a halt just after we launched, due to Covid 19!

    The website is www.britishtippleclub.co.uk and is a marketing directory site for British Drinks Producers. We also have 2 Facebook groups associated with the site, one for consumers and one for producers with active members and content happening.

    Further, we have a podcast where we have interviews a number of drinks producers and is all associated with The British Tipple Club.

    We have a lifetime licence for Brilliant Directories and hoped someone could give me some advice on how to sell it.

    I look forward to any comments or thoughts.

    Many thanks
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  3. Trauiner United Kingdom

    Trauiner Active Member

    Feb 2016
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    With no revenue and if it has no traffic, it's not really worth anything.

    Possibility that someone may purchase it for the value of the Brilliant Directories lifetime licence but may be hard to find someone looking for just that.
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  4. atlas Canada

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    Oct 2007
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    It's a great looking website, obviously made with passion, and the associated active social media accounts are off to a good start.

    I agree with @Trauiner that as it is likely is not worth that much; monetizing it for a while would likely improve the sales price a lot.

    That being said, Flippa.com is the main marketplace for selling a website like this.
  5. Scrat

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    Jan 2020
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    Hi David!

    Some of my notes that hopefully can help you to see it through potential user eyes.

    * The top section on website “Join our British Drinks, Days Out & Destinations Facebook Group JOIN HERE” directs users away from your website. This is one of the main areas and why would you want to do that?

    * Why do you direct users four times away from your platform to social media? Because of the algorithms and healthy community, I wouldn’t recommend doing that. It should work opposite that you direct users from social media to your platform.

    * “JOIN HERE” Do not forget to give your users some cookies and a quick overview of why they should join and be a part of your journey.

    * Call to actions are useful but it seems you have them too many and for the same thing.

    * “Discover a World of Great British Drinks” This whole area is too vague and bold. If only this area takes the almost full size of the screen then it might have the same effect if you are trying to watch tv so close that your nose is touching it. PS: you can check your data to see how many web users use 13-15” laptops and if they use 100% of their screen size (what most of them do) then it might have some attention lost issues there.

    * “Recent Blog Articles” Blog takes more than full-screen which is too much. Make it compact: “Read more” is not the necessary same thing with the summary. Also the positioning!

    * “Recent Blog Articles” ——> “View All” button: if you highlight “View All” like this it takes too much attention from other content which. “View All” button should be about fourth category thing so no need to highlight.

    * “Our Latest Podcasts” Use space wiser.

    * “Want to see your business on this banner?” You are trying to sell a banner place for a company. With that, you can cash in only from one company at the time. Why don’t you bring 8-12 (+ expand) companies products and deals on the home page so you can cash in 8-24 times more? Also which company would like to see their competitor’s big ad on the platform where they try to do business/spend time and effort, especially when britishtippleclub.co.uk hasn’t improved it’s spot on the market yet …

    * “Feature Your Business on this banner” same thing as with another banner. There are better options from the business perspective.

    * “Popular searches” is nice but bring also products on the home page. That should be the must-have.

    * Footer. There are better ways what to show on the footer menu & how to use the space at the moment it looks more like others-have-let’s-have-it-too.

    A few things to focus on:
    * On Instagram 950 followers / on FB 988 people like & 1,051 people followers. Not digging too much into data but is it organic growth? Even if you have about 1,000 followers on social media then the conversion rate on FB is usually not more than 2%. If you do not keep personal contact with your users/followers then they are going to be the ghost riders who sometimes better not to have.

    * One of your clients (https://www.thinkwinegroup.co.uk/) running a campaign that ends in ~2 hours. I do not see any information or promotion on your webpage but this is exactly when you should show your value and community strength to your clients if you give an extra boost to their campaigns. (Edit: it seems like they have that foolish never-ending campaign)

    The possible value of www.britishtippleclub.co.uk

    * Website: It seems you’ve put time on it but from professional look and simple users perspective then even if website structure is simple then sections size, about ten different fonts, colours… it all makes feeling like over-designed where is difficult to focus on most important. Which means that users might get lost. The website needs changes from scratch so it does not have a value for me but someone probably has.

    * Missing is products, experience, emotion and community.


    I’m not here to say is it a good domain or not because domain names are for some people like children whom we might like or not so much but own are always cuter, smarter and better. The domain name and current website do not have big value for me but where I see that the hidden gold coin might be buried is if your social media followers have got through organic growth. Even if the current CVR is minimal then it might be worth £10 or £10k (depends on test campaign results). Extra value gives if users/followers are in one area or they have other connected links/interests + knowing how did they find you and what made them click the “Follow” button. The value might not be in the domain or platform but in data.

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