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Selling XXXX.co.uk and .ltd.uk domains?

Feb 18, 2012
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So I have owned a company for about 4 years. When I started it I looked for a catchy, high tech sounding name that matched available domain names and ended up with a 4 letter name.

This company is pretty much dormant at the moment, so I am considering using it to go into domaining on the side, or if it is worth any money, selling the domain name.

I also own the .ltd.uk of the same company name, at the moment the website etc is completely blank, I just use it for company email ie webmail.xxxx.ltd.uk

My question is are LLLL.co.uk and LLLL.ltd.uk's worth anything? And would they be worth more as a set? I believe both have green WOT ratings and not been used for anything nefarious.

Thank you
In general, the answer is no. But perhaps your xxxx is something particularly special?
Just a made up word. Also seems to have a U.S trademark against it (had no idea until now) by a company based out of some country I have never heard of.
They are probably worth nothing.

If the domains are LLLL.co.uk and LLLL.ltd.uk surely you own the Ltd company with the same name? I can't imagine any real company building a domain with the name of another registered Ltd company (no matter if it's active or dissolved). If the company is dissolved and the domain is exceptional there may still be some value.

Just for future reference, I would never recommend buying a .ltd.uk domain for resale.

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