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Bom dia!

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by DomainManage, Aug 15, 2016.

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    I'm not really new as my other handle is JMI (Julian and a bloke called Mike) but as I'll be posing under this new one it would be rude not to introduce myself..

    I've been domaining since 1998 .uk and .com ventures.

    - Sold over 500 domains I guess from £50 to 25k+
    - Back in the day sold numerous website ventures between 10k and 100k
    - Had about 2000 domains at one point
    - Done the drop catching thing
    - Wasted at least 20k on rubbish domains (I call it a self funded domaining course)
    - Used SEDO for years useless :p
    - Been banned from here :)
    - Best domains not at liberty to discuss any more but my favourites now are, it was until a chinese gent wanted it (they love numbers)
    - Worst domain, no.. it was def

    I'm trying to push so forgive the plugging :)

    Putting "download my app" on the side of a van doesn't really work..
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