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How easy is it to sell a big site? £xx,xxxx

Discussion in 'Business Discussions' started by addz123, Aug 23, 2013.

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  1. addz123 United Kingdom

    addz123 Active Member

    Nov 2011
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    I'm curious as I've never been in this position for.

    It's easy to spend your time building a site, invest a lot of money and then say it's "worth" £xx,xxx or whatever.

    But how easy is it actually selling the types of sites that go for 5 or 6 figures?

    I just wonder because someone on this forum might have a site easily worth £50k but when it comes to selling it they won't be able to find the right buyer with those sorts of pockets. Thus, the website is actually only "worth" £20k in terms of being able to offload it in reasonable time.

    Therefore my question is split into two parts:

    1) How do you measure a site's worth? Should it be valued on how much the seller is willing to sell for or what a buyer in a reasonable time period is willing to pay?

    2) How easy is it going out there and selling websites for 5 or 6 figures? Do you need to hire an agency or business broker?

    Especially when it comes to premium domains, it seems like a lot of people are holding on long term until they find the "right" buyer and end-user.
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    Acorn Domains Elite Member

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  3. FWSJay

    FWSJay Active Member

    Sep 2010
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    (Not been a high end seller of either, opinion only ;))

    I think its quite different to domaining in that the type of buyer is more than likely looking for a business to profit from then flip, and there are more buyers for high end sites than domains. Possibly quicker turnover of assets too?

    A couple of places to sell 5 figure sites - empireflippers have a marketplace and flippa still works (its easy to scan over all the crap and quickly pick out the real sites).

    This level of site has another market to target - brick and mortar business. If they have the money or financing available you could be looking at 'end user' prices...

    If you can show its profitable and it all pretty much works you only need two parties that want it. Then an auction sets the price.

    I've only really done up to a couple of grand established site sales, every time as soon as my flippa listing went live I was contacting potential customers with a personal email informing them of the listing. All the sales I had but one went to someone I had emailed ;)
    I'll be using the same approach once I have added a zero or two to my sales!

  4. ScottJ United Kingdom

    ScottJ Well-Known Member

    Nov 2005
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    For the right quality of sites it's not too difficult if you are asking 20-30 months income, the most important thing is to have the stats/analytics to show a strong & stable site and not use words like 'potential' to justify your asking price.

    To be honest it's harder to find strong stable content based sites for sale for 5 figures than it is to sell them.
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