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PPI Hotkey leads... whats the going rate?

Discussion in 'Business Discussions' started by JMOT, Jul 28, 2011.

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    I run one of the UK's leading Injury networks of websites but we've just started data mining our userbases of other large websites etc and are confident we can start delivering 100 to 200 PPI hotkey leads a day. I know this because we've mined it already, generated the responses and had that "oh my god" moment...

    We've a call centre in place thru the Injury business so can easily handle the volume. However theres a lot of sharks out there promising to pay loads yet seemingly never having any cash to pay for them there golden leads...

    If anyone wants to discuss buying our hotkey leads please email me to tom at uk dot com

    I'd be happy to send some test leads over but then we'd prefer to move to a pre-pay model.

    I'll only be looking to work with large established players who can be researched/validated online as to your credentials so no dreamers/tyre kickers please.

    Oh, happy to also have a conversation about PI leadgen too of you are into that.

    So, email to tom at uk dot com and lets discuss me selling you PPI hotkeys please

    Thanks, Tom
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