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  1. 4ndy
    4ndy danny
    Hi Danny hope this message finds you well and business is good for you.
    You have some great gambling domains any chance you could fire a list over when you get chance?
    Best wishes
  2. matts
    matts Pazza

    Hope you are well.

    I was wondering if you ever got a response to your question regarding successful.co.uk and if they are a member on acorn? If so do you know their username?


  3. matts
    matts Nigel
    Hi Nigel

    Hope you are well. I see you sold a domain name FinancialExperts.co.uk back on 20/10/2016 for £50.

    I was wondering if you could please either provide the buyers details or alternatively ask them to contact me regarding purchasing the domain if you still have their details?

    Many thanks

  4. matts
    matts Chris Holland
    Hi Chris, please could you PM the domains. Thanks Matt
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  5. 4ndy
    4ndy Simple Simon
    Androidslots.uk - £1K offer

    Best wishes
  6. helmuc
    I connect dots..
  7. lazarus
    Check out DomainStation.uk
  8. JMI
    Miserable old git.
  9. 4ndy
    4ndy AlistairM
    Hi Alistair
    What price tolet.uk
    Best wishes
  10. untagged
    untagged max99
    Hi, we are still accepting .uk catches for domains starting with 'c' onward at www.untagged.co.uk for £50/£100 each. Regards.
  11. danny
  12. othellotech
    acquiring web hosts and domain registrars :)
  13. Ghengis
    Ghengis jonny
    Hi Jonny
    How much do you want for CBDoil.co.uk

  14. gdomains
    gdomains MattB
    Hi Matt,

    No probs how much are you looking for?
  15. gdomains
    gdomains MattB
    Hi Matt,

    I would be happy to offer £25 for weddingplanners.co.uk for a quick sale.

    Kind Regards

    1. MattB
      You are way off price wise I'm afraid.
      May 24, 2019
  16. gdomains
    gdomains cm1975
    Hi I am interested in domain cotton socks.co.uk can I buy this one for £25
    1. cm1975
      Yes still available, it interested.
      Jun 17, 2019
  17. Swekelt
    Selling Fairpunt.co.uk + uk
  18. Swekelt
    Selling SwedishNightLife.com and Migodig.se
  19. LordBull
    LordBull Alien
    Subject: Loooong time !
    How are things with you ?
    We just might be able to do something similar to before and I'll know by beginning of next month. If you still have sites with content, ping a list and perhaps we can rock again
    In any event, thank you for past business and wishing you a fabulous 2019 and beyond !
  20. ratboy
    ratboy js1
    Hi js1 - trying to contact you to ask a question about a domain you sold, would you email me? Much appreciated