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  1. Transcom ISP
    Transcom ISP arkvard
    Hi, I have just won the domain name l6.uk that you had on auction with Domainlore, and as requested by them, could you please process.

    Also advise how to pay you, our tag is TRANSCOMISP

    My direct email is sysadmin@cc5d.com (as on Domainlore) or bill@transcom.net

    I have emailed you several times to your gmail.com account with no reponse.

    William (Bill)
  2. mobillica
    mobillica fuzzer
    Hi Simon, just seen you caught BrightonDigitalFestival.co.uk - great job!

    Hope you don't mind me asking - what are your plans for it mate? Are you planning to put it on sale?

  3. jhm
    Domain: A distinct region of a complex molecule or structure
  4. dougs
    dougs woopwoop
    Hi. Noticed you own moorpark.co.uk would you be interested in selling it please.


  5. helmuc
    working on domain investment livestreams @ youtube.com/hostmaria
  6. simondooner
    simondooner David Parr
    Hi David - I'm not sure your account on this forum is active? Just in case - could you please respond.
    Thanks ... Simon
  7. cunhasaude
    "The Key to Success is knowing where the world is going and getting there first" Bill Gates
  8. geniejjc
    geniejjc Robert Smith
  9. geniejjc
    geniejjc Robert Smith
    Really interested in your domain portfolio finance. When your website is up and running let me know please. im interested in funding deals and the refinancing out of the deals.
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    2. Robert Smith
      Robert Smith
      Sure - if you DM your email - i can show you some stuff prior to launch.
      Sep 17, 2020
  10. DropCatcher-co-uk
  11. matts
    matts TinkyWinky
    Hi TinkyWinky

    Please can you email a list to matt@mattshepley.co.uk


  12. Azam.net
    Looking for the best domain names in town? Visit http://domains.azam.net - 23% off all prices to mark our 23th anniversary in business!
  13. zuratv
    zuratv stephen23
    Great buyer!! fast money transfers for domain names 0z.co.uk, 0z.uk, U5.co.uk. U5.UK
  14. eggbilly
    Buyer of names in the following niches:roofing, surveying, coatings
  15. geniejjc
    geniejjc khalid
    invoicefinancing.org.uk - longshot do you still have this site. Id be interested if it generates enquiries.
    1. khalid
      No mate sold it
      Feb 21, 2020
  16. DesD
  17. Darren
    Darren webber
    Thank you for a smooth transaction.
  18. James
    James Skinner
    Hi Steven,

    Happy New Year :) Just a quick one - noticed you own clinicaltrials.co.uk / .uk and wondered how much you'd like for them? Also could be interested in other similar domains.

    Many thanks
  19. helmuc
    working on 27.be
  20. 4ndy
    4ndy danny
    Hi Danny hope this message finds you well and business is good for you.
    You have some great gambling domains any chance you could fire a list over when you get chance?
    Best wishes