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  1. iCodes

    Add Amazon products to your website (Free Service)

    You can easily add Amazon products to your website using this tool... http://advertiserhub.co.uk/?network=amazon Simply select category, keyword, affiliate ID and click.. 'I Want To Place These Ads On My Website' Your own amazon ID is used in the amazon tracking links so you get 100% of the...
  2. T

    Amazon Deal websites plus 10 Apps

    Now sold
  3. M

    _co_uk putumayo.co.uk £300

    Name of a major river and region of the South American country Colombia, tributary of the Amazon; first registered by me on 12th January 2003 and used with overture ppc traffic to sell branded CDs of same name, voluntarily suspended when the American company objected, allowed to lapse in 2013...
  4. A

    _co_uk AmazonVoucher.co.uk

    AmazonVoucher.co.uk Offers invited. Cheers Mike
  5. srccode

    New "Responsive" Fresh Store Builder Templates

    Nearly completed another two templates for v.3x hope to release soon this weekend, will be either available from my site or the fsb marketplace... Both templates are mobile and tablet responsive with full control over side blocks with the ability to turn them on or off on each page...
  6. C

    Fresh Store Builder v2.7.0 Now Released

    I am pleased to announce v2.7.0 is available to all members. This is a big release with a lot of new features including the quick store setup, products in pages and fully customisable homepage products. Premium members also get an "Easy Upgrade" package. This is a separate download and...
  7. B

    Wired Reporter Hacked Hard

    I came across this “hack” last week and have been following it with interest. This should be a wakeup call to lots of people and a reminder to those that already try and secure their accounts. Short Article...
  8. srccode

    _org_uk Car Accessories Affiliate Website PR3 W/Earnings, 5k+ Uniques/month

    Established with a PR3 with a total of 52 sales since 1st May 2012 (£100 in July). The site promotes car accessories for amazon, the products are at an ideal price to tie in with Amazon's £7 cap for this category. Traffic and serp's are gradually improving, Alexa rank massivly increasing -...
  9. W

    eBay V Amazon

    Probably the two biggest affiliate names around but, for me anyway, there's a huge difference in performance between the two. I regularly make £xxx-£xxxx per month as an eBay affiliate yet, using similar ideas and techniques, rarely make £xx each month with Amazon. I tried to give my Amazon...
  10. M

    bodyandfragrance.com - Amazon Auto-Blog

    Created: 11th April 2010 (Expires 11th April 2011) Registered: Fasthosts http://www.bodyandfragrance.com/ This is an auto blog and since I built it nearly a year ago I have literally left it alone since then. No promotion, nothing. The site has generated an income of $29.72 through...
  11. M

    harddiskdriverecovery.net + 10 Other Niche Sites For Sale...

    e-bookreaderguide.com +10 Other Niche Sites For Sale... UPDATE - REDUCED! I am selling some of my niche sites that I built earlier this year which I have not had time to promote. The sites have had continuously added content since earlier this year, the domain ages vary. Most are...
  12. satch

    Amazon API job

    Hi guys, I need someone who is experienced with the Amazon API (uk) to do a job for me. Don't think it is a big job, basically need to show prices (in static text) of products in articles. I just want to enter a snippet of code which contains the ASIN to then display the price. Nothing more...
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