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Fresh Store Builder v2.7.0 Now Released

Discussion in 'Fresh Store Builder' started by careybaird, Aug 14, 2012.

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  1. careybaird

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    I am pleased to announce v2.7.0 is available to all members.

    This is a big release with a lot of new features including the quick store setup, products in pages and fully customisable homepage products.

    Premium members also get an "Easy Upgrade" package. This is a separate download and contains only the files that have been changed from v2.5.0. The number of files in this package is much, much less which saves on downloading/uploading time and means you can upgrade your stores super quick.

    The full release notes for version 2.7.0 are here:

    New Features
    • Custom Best Sellers and Special Offers
    • New Google Analytics Code
    • Quick Store Setup
    • More Content Template Options
    • Better Export Feature (Backend Changes)
    • Embedding Products Into Content Pages
    • Slider Population Options
    • Product Slider (Classiccoloured)

    Bugs Squashed
    • Fix Foreign Characters in Content Templates
    • Fix Foreign Characters in Search Terms
    • Fix Pagename Changing Bug
    • Fix Automatic Resize On Template Image Upload
    • Fix Incorrect Noindex Settings
    • Fix Multiline Product Title (Classiccoloured)
    • Fix Missing Image Alt Code (Stalfoshop)
    • Fix Related Products Buy It Now (Stalfoshop)
    • Fix Description Display (Stalfoshop)
    • Fix Search Button Margin (Modernshop)

    The blog post announcement is here http://blog.freshstorebuilder.com/new-version-fresh-store-builder-v2-7-0

    Enjoy :cool:
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