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  1. dog

    This is how UK consumers shopped online in 2018

  2. dog

    Condé Nast puts failing e-commerce site [Style.com] up for sale

    How do you fail with a killer domain, a big publishing company backing you, and lots of money??? http://nypost.com/2017/06/14/conde-nast-puts-failing-e-commerce-site-up-for-sale/
  3. I

    E/c/o/m/B/r/a/n/d/./com & E/co/m/D/o/m/a/i/n/s/./com

    E/c/o/m/B/r/a/n/d/./com E/co/m/D/o/m/a/i/n/s/./com For Sale. Send PM.
  4. Domainate

    100 product domains at reduced prices: TabletopComputers(.)com CrossNecklaces(.)net +

    Getting ready to make some money this holiday season? Get your e-commerce sites booming with the following 100 quality product domains that are now for sale at heavily reduced prices! AllInOneLaserPrinter.com - $99 - 2900 - $4.30 BoardGamesForAdults.com - $99 - 2400 - $0.43...
  5. S

    UK Based e-Commerce Website - Niche - Established 7 Years

    Hey All, Friend is selling: https://flippa.com/2815341-uk-based-e-commerce-website-niche-established-7-years Please pm questions on flippa as they go direct to him or questions about the domains/website setup to me. Thanks. Andy
  6. GaryT

    _co_uk Winchester-Furniture

    Caught on 30th April 2012 Was an established business website a few years ago Still gets some nice organic traffic and ranks number one for "winchester furniture" - Google Analytics Report attached from 1st May showing other terms too. Have set up a basic WP site on it, so that Google...
  7. W

    _co_uk Hyperstore [Premium]

    Hyperstore.co.uk This domain would make an excellent online supermarket / hyperstore. Its resale value could be sky high. Caught 18-Jul-2010. Site can be included at no extra cost (ex FSB license cost @ $97) | It got just over 2000 unique visitors last month. £575 for quick sale. (£50...
  8. essexway


    http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ChristmasBuy-co-uk-DOMAIN-NAME-WEB-ADDRESS-Xmas-online-shop-gift-store-ecommerce-/360413234177? http://www.christmasbuy.co.uk .
  9. Domainate

    NetbookSale(.)com - 2004 reg, very hot product, 4,400 search/mo exact match term!

  10. T


    budgetbasket.co.uk perfect for eCommerce £2000
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