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  1. Helmuts

    Going live with Adam Dicker in 1 hour

    Going live with Adam Dicker in 1 hour. Topic: How to sell a domain name. You are most welcome to jump in with your live questions. Helmuts
  2. D

    VideoStore .co.uk + .uk - DL

    VideoStore .co.uk + .uk https://domainlore.uk/auctions/gems_id/25485
  3. 3


    Video.wales Registrar: Netistrar Transfer: Push or auth code Looking for offers
  4. hawkie66


    8-letter, 2 meaningful complementary words for a niche-website like youtube or dailymotion. I need realistic market-value opinions or ,if else, any other suggestions for monetization of the name. Thanks to all contributing.:D
  5. O


    Would like to know your view on the domain name? Thanks in advance.
  6. ClassicalGuitar

    _co_uk Questforthelink.co.uk - PR3 - DA 29 PA 41 - Link Building Videos Website

  7. N

    _co_uk nuke.co.uk

    Excellent highly brandable top level domain, one word generic with HUGE potential. ideal for a product, or a service provider looking for a truly unique memorable URL that gives them huge brand identity. Serious offer only please.
  8. Thom

    PhotographerPortfolios.co.uk & VideoTemplates.co.uk & Theme.me.uk

    Grab yourself a bargain! :) PhotographerPortfolios.co.uk - £25 VideoTemplates.co.uk - £25 Theme.me.uk - £25 Transfering with Nominet you will need to pay the fee. PayPal or UK bank transfer prefered. Cheers, Thomas
  9. Thom

    uk Theme.me.uk & VideoTemplates.co.uk & PhotographerPortfolios.co.uk

    Grab yourself a bargain today :) All names @ namecheap.com. Push to your namecheap account or transfer out. PayPal or UK bank transfer. Any offers considered! Most of these were for our customer's projects (i'm a developer) but for example the customer pulled out or the project was...
  10. thelordofweb

    Easy To Remember Domain Names - MeetBrand.COM, WishListe.COM, DateXXL.COM,...

    Hi, I am selling some easy to remember domain names and domains in top trends in next five years. AmericanDreamPage.COM BulHomes.COM DateXXL.COM - good for adult dating site,... DiabloWizard.COM - great for Diablo 3 guide site, selling diablo items,.... WishListe.COM - good for gifts...
  11. Domainate

    Beginners(.)tv - Nice dict word, great for online video learning site! New low price!

    Beginners.tv is for sale! Online video has obviously been a booming area with YouTube and Hulu. One of the strongest niches of online video has been educational videos, both free (KhanAcademy.org) and paid (Lynda.com). People want to learn things from the comfort of their own home and get...
  12. Thom

    _co_uk VideoTemplates.co.uk

    VideoTemplates.co.uk Phenomenal growth of video streaming on the web in recent years TemplateMonster.com Affiliate Program opportunity - resell video templates, Adobe project templates, Flash intro templates and much more It's currently at http://NameCheap.com so i can push it to...
  13. P


    VideoProductions.co.uk and Video-Productions.co.uk Registered on: 02-May-1998 Exciting and important High growth area. Great potential! Heavily sponsored term (on the leading search engine). Got no Bin price. Want to see what sort of interest there is. Offers invited. Guide: £xxx /...
  14. T

    Old domainer

    Hi Registered my first domain in 1997: didyouknow.com... which has been hijacked and I've been trying to it get back! (See WIPO). Have some other good didyouknow extensions, though. I usually look for trivia, reference and mobile domains, mostly to develop. Buy any other that I think I can...
  15. Alien

    _co_uk vdos.co.uk (£BIN)

    vdos.co.uk BIN: £50.00 :) Please post/PM to buy - thanks. :D PS: Buyer pays Nom. transfer fee.
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