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Access to DOMAIN Control Panel, lost user name also password

Lost Domain Control User and pass

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May 9, 2021
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The DOMAIN was registered year 2010 at Tucows then shifted to iClickster then shifted to Heart Internet then shifted to Mesh Digital. The Domain control panel was never edited and the domain name is paid up to year 2025 locked up at Heart Internet UK... Every attempt to contact Heart Internet or Mesh Digital resulted in
blank zero no answer no reply unless a valid user and password is entered to the account... The registrar of the account is correct listed starting 2010 up to 2025 the trouble is the Name Server 1 and Name Server 3 address is locked and pointed to a blank Heart Internet web page you can examine at http://pdcinc.org/

If there is any Heart Internet or Mesh Digital support member reading this and can assist, instruct how to
receive a new user name and password to access the Domain name control panel, please respond to
this request for help... Regards to walking into Heart Internet or Mesh Digital home office building is
not possible from present location inside ASIA... The new Name Server 1 and Name Server 2 address
should point to the web hosting pdcinc.org and not at Heart Internet...
If it is a UK name, log in to your Nominet account and move it to a new Registrar where you do you know your account name and password.

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