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.com expiry process (timeline)

Jun 4, 2015
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Ive got my eye on a .com domain that expired the other day, how long is the process / timeline between expiry and it becoming available for re registering ?
You'll be lucky to get it imo unless its not a domain hugedomains would be interested in or if its totally random that no one else would want. They seems to snap up practically everything that contains keyword strings, and if they don't it gets eaten up at auction or dropcatchers.

Backordering is probably your best chance or getting a dropcatcher

This is a godaddy practice for .com's : https://uk.godaddy.com/help/what-happens-after-domain-names-expire-6700
@Adam H,

Its not a keyword string domain so not sure how many people will be interested in it.. time will tell...

I was planning on using a few drop catching services to increase the chances, but wondered if i need to tell them the date its going to drop or will they just work it out them selves ?
The drop time frame can be anything from 60 days to never, .com is the wild west :/

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