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Dan Bundled .co.uk and .uk Domains Rejecting Handshake

Sep 17, 2012
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We sold a domain on Dan a few days ago where we agreed to include the .uk with the .co.uk. This is all in the offer thread and I've specifically pointed it out to the agent.

Whenever I try to release the domains to the METAREGISTRAR tag they reject it, which I'm guessing is possibly because it has the .uk included and they're not expecting it (despite telling them multiple times).

Each time I point it out to them they tell me to release to the same tag and it rejects again. I've not heard anything from them for over 24 hours now as well (last contact was around 9am yesterday, to which I replied within the hour). The sale was agreed and paid for on the 1st, so the buyer is probably getting a bit annoyed by this as well.

I contacted support who said it was down to the agent handling the transfer, but they don't seem to be responding or understanding what's happening.

Any suggestions?
You have to do them individually , Dan systems can't cope if you do it together for some reason!
I've had this problem too when transferring to Google Domains. As Rob says, you have to transfer the domains one at a time.
Ah, OK. Yeah that seems to have worked - thanks!

Funny that they wouldn't suggest doing that themselves though, surely they'd know if that was a common problem...

Weirdly we have done .co.uk / .uk pairs on Dan before, but I think what was happening was the .co.uk went through and the .uk rejected and it worked when we tried the .uk again. So effectively splitting it into two transactions. This is the first time that the pair failed completely (ie: the .co.uk didn't even go through).
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