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Fake Buyer Transfer (FBT) its just matter of time

Discussion in 'Domain Name Disputes' started by max_rk, Mar 4, 2015.

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    I have mentioned about this is another post but let me give exact scenarios.


    Example of SEDO FBT scam.

    With a domain name I pose as seller on Sedo. I receive offer for domain on sedo. I agree to that offer and buyer is instructed by sedo to send money to escrow. Once money received I am being told by Sedo that I should initiate transfer, to given email address. I do research on that email address and permeably ( not necessarily) I find name and details of person that the email address belongs to. I initiate transfer of domain name to another of my emails addresses. Then I inform Sedo that i have initiated transfer. Wait for 2/3 days (for good measure) then I transfer domain name to name of person that i have researched but I register on account with my access details. Then I inform Sedo that domain name transfer has been completed. Sedo looks at whois and approve the payment. Once payment approved I move domain to yet another name and account. So, I received the payment and keep the domain, buyer has nothing.

    I have sold hundreds domains on Sedo, and for years I have been close friend but now strong critic of Sedo. So I know how their system works.

    This FBT can be adapted to other platform and all sorts of deals. Even the buyer can fake that he/she did not receive the domain.

    This is very real scam has anyone experienced similar?
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