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Fresh Store Builder v2.6.1 Now Released

Discussion in 'Fresh Store Builder' started by careybaird, Apr 25, 2012.

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    This is a free upgrade for all users. Here is a quick overview of new features:

    • Revamped Autopopulation System
    • New Manufacturer Display Options
    • Optimised Meta Keyword Generation
    • Manual (Offsite) Links In “Page Links” Sideboxes
    • Show Username On Password Reset Email
    • Manual Edit Of Product Manufacturer
    • reCaptcha On Contact Pages (All Templates)
    • Check For Directory Existance On Install
    • Product Option Dropdowns (Stalfoshop)
    • License Notice On Valid Installations
    • Checkout Exporting
    • Offerless Product Management
    • Better Search Results (Still WIP)
    • Recently Added Products List
    • Fully Delete Messages
    • New Dashboard Checkout Chart
    • Better Date Formats In Freshadmin
    • Automatically Set MySQL Time Offset
    • Product Limits On Autopopulate Settings
    • Display Product Image If Manufacturer Image Not Added

    There are also many bug fixes and improvements. You can upgrade from any version, its a simple process (but do backup!) and full release notes are here:

    FSB v2.6.1 Release Notes

    (For non FSB users you can see the release notes on our blog)

    Enjoy guys and any questions let me know :cool:
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