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Discussion in 'Domain Tools' started by Admin, Oct 4, 2013.

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    Be aware if you are running your own server or re-seller account there are sites out there that can scan all domains you have on the same server IP and by your Google Analytics, Adsense, Amazon affiliate/product, Clickbank affiliate/product, Addthis accounts.

    So if they get into one of your sites, this helps them find others of yours (that may have the same password or vulnerabilities).

    Try this: http://sameid.net/
    enter one of your domains and you will get a pretty familiar list of domains coming back!

    To protect against this type of bulk attack:

    Never use the same username and password on each site

    Don't use a naming convention for your sites passwords (domain name plus some letters for example)

    Use a Wordpress security plug-in such as Wordfence and check logs monthly. Set it to block admin attempts from unknown usernames or X retries

    Never use "admin" for your username (ooops)

    I had 20 odd sites done in a single day by hackers, now I know how they found them.

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