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Hi, hi, Highlytuned owner here!

Mar 28, 2010
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Long time owner of a few domains.... Just had a prompt that my account (that I had forgotten about) was being deleted :)

I posted about HighlyTuned/Highly-Tuned /.co.uk/.com being up for sale in the premium section as I will probably not get around to do anything with them.
My worse domain (my wife says!) is my nickname from school 50 years ago and is always a subject of embarrassment to her!
spants.com :)

just used for emails.......
q. how do you spell it?
a. like pants with an s in front of it....

drives her mad - so she uses another domian for her email....

have to admit haven't got a clue what it means :D :D .. something with pants? :)

My childhood nick was "dumpling" :D :D .. I hated it :D :D

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