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No question is stupid..but these probably are

Feb 22, 2019
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So is there a seasonality to drops ? (i.e. slow summer/high winter etc)
Just wondering
No, it's based on when the domain expires, which itself is based on when it was registered.

There are more potential domains available to drop 1yr 2 months 2 weeks after a big promotion by a registry as free/cheap always drives a lot of speculative (and mostly junk) registrations
There are a few subtle trends that you could extract from historical data, but nothing really notable stands out to me that would be worth spending much time researching deeper. There are the obvious things like loads of Christmas domains become available in Nov/Dec/Jan, Jan Sale domains tend to drop in Jan/Feb and you could probably find a trend around hot weather and tourism domain drops for example.

I also found that I had more success at catching during periods like Christmas and during hot beach weather when I guessed that most other catchers were taking a break and there was less competition.
So is there a seasonality to drops ? (i.e. slow summer/high winter etc)
Just wondering
Not so much drops as new registration activity. With the gTLDs, there's an increase in registrations from September to April and then the net increase begins to slide during the Summer months before picking in September. The gTLDs also use discounting promotions so there is an increase in non-renewals the approximately a year later. With drops, there are two basic types. The first is the attrition drop where the registrant decides that they no longer need the domain name. These are often muti-year domain names that are being dropped. The second is the promotion drop where a domain name registered the year before at a discounted fee is dropped when it is time to renew at full fee.


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