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uk Premium UK portfolio clearance: 19.uk - 365.uk - Audio.uk - Discounts.uk - Tips.uk ...

Mar 10, 2020
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We're clearing our 'Premium UK portfolio' (selling at cost or a bit less in some cases).
Priced in USD - Not in GBP :-D

We're serious about this assertion and we're also covering the Escrow - DAN or /Sedo fee so just contact me if interested in something at these clearance prices.
We may also accept PayPal, Crypto or a direct wire.

Please, don't PM any lower offers to save time from both parties, we can't really sell for less :)

There's really no catch, we're just investing in quality .Coms & .Orgs now.

Commercials.co.uk $1,800
19.uk $1,800
365.uk $3,000
74.uk $1,800
DEB.uk $490
DSL.uk $540
***.uk ---SOLD
IDS.uk $630
OBE.uk $550
OBS.uk $580
PER.uk $690
PPL.uk $900
TEM.uk $700
TFW.uk $330
TOD.uk $530
TOT.uk $990
TRA.uk $590
TVV.uk $270
UPC.uk $360
URO.uk $330
URS.uk $330
UTV.uk $330
WIT.uk $500
WPM.uk $360
Audio.uk $2,700
Discounts.uk $2,700
Tips.uk $1,800

PM or email to: [email protected]
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All names have been now listed for sale at Dan with the above 'special BINs' so you're free to buy directly from there and to pay by PayPal, crypto, bank wire ... Or just to start a 'Lease to own' plan.

All renewed till 2024 !

Don't hesitate to PM us for any additional info you should need.
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just a thought, look into domainlore.uk ( you may get more $$ on some of them )
Thanks for the good advice.
Unfortunately I'm currently busy with multiple projects and internal problems but I'll give domainlore a try if I'll find some spare time.
Right :)
They're all listed for sale with the above BINs at Dan.com for a quick deal including the possibility tfor a 'Lease to own' agreement.

It's Discounts.uk sorry, my typo.

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