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Premuim Domain Portfolio For Sale

Same thing John,

offered to sell your gambling domains - didn't really hear back...

If anyone is trying to belittle you (me included) just see it as banter. If you look back at my threads, I'm constantly asking questions and learning from some of the 'true' domainers here - i.e. this is their full time income.

I guess the way I see it is:

i) if you're holding out for an end user - it COULD be a LONG wait. But you could find him/her. And the current prices you've listed aren't that crazy. Though I do feel that there's a LOT more traction at the 300-500 range.

ii) this forum (sadly for LOADS of people) is not sedo, godaddy, flippa, whatever. And neither is DomainLore. These platforms are more for trade to trade deals. Meaning don't be too surprised if you sell a good domain at anywhere between 19-40...

But - nothing stops you doing a good form of outreach - and fetching the price you want.
Hi WineLover

No worries, the forum posts don't bother me, forums are forums lol.

I know most of the users here are possibly professional domainers and may get annoyed at min bid prices but doing the outreach here is still worth doing, so who knows, we'll see what happens. I'll await the next posts with interest :)


The original post is to advertise domains for sale. nowhere does it ask for or seek advice about pricing. The incessant reminders to sellers that this is a 'trade marketplace' is cause for concern. Domains trades of over 100k have been sold via Acorn so it is 'trade prices' or 'i'd like you to sell to me for trade prices and btw way i'll tell you what the trade price is,... hang on why don't you just let me the buyer price your domain for you so you can ''sell it more easily'' to me... i'm here to help after all''....

If this is a forum where the buyers 'advise' the sellers about what price they should sell then it needs to be more clearly displayed that's the purpose of this forum.
I suppose if you enjoy endless threads for ridiculous prices then so be it. I've seen two domain forums die and another has become a joke because of that kind of activity. I thought a domain forum was to discuss domains with other people in the industry. Not a place to push domains at enduser prices. Maybe I was wrong.
Fortunately for me and others who are new to domaining, this forum is not just for people in the industry, but also for people who want to learn, and maybe try and sell a few along the way.

Granted there is a lot of silly domains and prices flung about but a forum can only survive with traffic and unless there's a buy in for the pros to make it exclusive, I can't see it changing.
As a buyer rather than a reseller I come here to find good domains and if I find one I like im happy to pay the going rate. That may end up being a trade price or end user price depending on the name and my goal. Domains tend to find their level pretty easily imo

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