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Suggestion - pull 3rd party domain auctions

Discussion in 'Forum News & Feedback' started by khalid, Sep 15, 2020.

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    Sure no probs. I am pleased to announce that all flip affiliates get the full 100% of the 0% selling fees :)
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    Speed in which Flip.uk was up and running, doing business, with a few parties already reporting excellent sales data, the freshness of it, willing nature to seek constructive critique, take us on the journey, pull to acorn, and the totality of it for free I perceived was theoretically possible many years ago but to see it done is nigh on breathtaking. Very impressive.

    My favourite part is the £1 starting bid. Actually made posts moaning about this some time ago and now it's a reality.

    If you have a domain but lack experience, don't know what it's worth, approached end-users no cigar, whacked it on here seeking offers or the fixed price no sausage, tried another auction house with £50 opening resulting in no bids, then finally whack it up for £1 on auction say on Flip.uk. If after all that it doesn't sell then there's possibly no need to keep paying renewals on it for another 15 years in hope. Least it can be said there's nothing more can be done at that point that the domain rests on the owner's hopes from that point onwards. The sales process is now approaching full-spectrum and I hope the £1 feature stays as it's a useful filter for domainers.
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