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.uk - Useless?

Discussion in '.UK Domain Name Consultations' started by arkvard, Jun 25, 2014.

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  1. arkvard

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    Aug 2012
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    Your very right, that owning both at this early stage (when probably 99% of end users have not got a clue what .uk is) is just making a sale more complicated when offering both and they do not understand that even if you give it to them for FREE, they are just thinking why do I need both.

    To be honest from my experiences the last 2 weeks I am seriously thinking of not registering both unless they are brandable or premium domains as double costs can really mount up.
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  3. aZooZa

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    I believe it IS a cumbersome issue Edwin, as evidenced by this and countless other threads and posts on this forum.

    I don't agree with you at all (very unusual actually) on any of the points you make above. I think you're being a little too philanthropic about it.

    I notice you haven't committed to any policy on this (no mention even) on your website where you are selling circa 6,000 domains; the vast majority of which will have rights. Or have I missed it?

    I think the whole issue boils down to an individual's business model, not his/her ethics.
  4. Edwin

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    Zero buyers hit our main site. They all hit one or other of our 6,000 customised sales pages, because the domains in question direct straight to them and not to our central site.

    Until a couple of hours ago, our sales lander (see for example http://www.marzipan.co.uk/ ) carried the following as the first bullet point:
    "Comes with the exclusive right to register the new, shorter .uk domain"

    However, after this thread I decided to take my own advice and do a bit of testing so I've removed that bullet for now to see if we get more enquiries without the "confusing bit" about the .uk (I agree with the assertion that the vast majority of people are not YET aware of it).

    We will continue to sell .co.uk domains with unexercised rights, and we have no plans to "split the pair". I have stated as much in several threads on Acorn over the past couple of weeks or so. No change of policy. We also have no post-10 June 2014 .co.uk registrations to contend with.

    Once it's clear that A) it makes no difference having that bullet there or not and/or B) it's clear that word of the .uk is spreading, I plan to put the notice back on our site.
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