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Which site to sell.co.uk domains?

If you want to just get rid, and are happy to sell to another domain investor, you can either list in the relevant sections on here, or send to auction at domainlore (fees apply) or ukbackorder (free).
Sedo is another great market place to sell country code domains such as .uk/.co.uk domain names
Your domain registrar does not have to be among Sedos partners list for you to sell with Sedo. Also, your domain does not need to have a website on your domain or parked for it to sell. What matters is the name. Just open an account with sedo ans list your names
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I have around 1300 .co.uk domains. some registered back in 1999, and some new .uk hard to find the right buyers. I would list them at sedo and dan .com,
Buy the way, if the domain name neither has a website or parked somewhere, is it very hard to sell for a good price?

It means you have to get out there yourself and go looking for sales. Its harder for even a commited buyer to find you via who is these days since GDPR. Especially if you are with a registrar and not your own TAG. If you have a landing page with a contact, it makes it easier for potential sales to find you.

As @JMI said, domainmanage are good and the control panel is easy.
HI. I have just joined the site as I have received an email offering to buy a URL I own www.ebiker.co.uk and asking how much I want for it. Ive never sold a URL before and am wondering anyone can put a estimate on value for me. I bought the URL over two years ago and have just renewed it. I bought an Electric Bike and thought it would be fun to own a URL and engage a community of ebikers and with the take up of e bikes on the up, perhaps now is the time to develop it further or sell it. Any advice would be welcome. Mark
That domain resolves to a for sale page with a price from a member here ?
I am sorry I do not understand what you mean. Are you saying someone else is trying to sale my domain? If so where can I view it
Blimey! How the hell does that happen? I had an email from SEDO asking if it was for sale. Now confused
You can always try Dan.com you can set a buy it now price and they handle the transaction for you you pay a 10%.

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