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You may want to check your DAN landing page

Discussion in 'The Bar' started by Richard K, Feb 13, 2020.

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    I've just noticed that DAN have introduced a new flexibility on their landing page layout. I think they only introduced it yesterday.

    If you don't yet know about this, your landing page may not now look the way you want it to look.

    To be more specific:
    • You may have lost the "Meet the Domain Seller" and "Meet the Domain Expert" boxes, and would prefer to have kept them ... OR ...
    • You may still have those 2 boxes, but would prefer to remove them (and now you can!).
    In either case, you need to go into Settings.

    In the "For Sale page" part of Settings, under the heading "Meet the seller", there's a choice between "Show domains" and "Don't show anything". (There's also "Show bio", but I don't have a bio yet anyway.)

    These two options no longer mean what they say:
    1. "Show domains" no longer displays your other domains as it previously did. Instead, it simply displays the "Meet the Domain Seller" and "Meet the Domain Expert" boxes that were introduced very recently.

    2. "Don't show anything" removes those two boxes, so that the landing page looks much like it did a few weeks ago before they were introduced.
    This means more flexibility, so it's clearly a change for the better (at least for those domainers who have a preference one way or the other).

    However, as I don't think DAN have yet drawn attention to this new flexibility, and as the settings don't (yet!) say what they mean, I thought perhaps the change was worth my mentioning here.
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    I have now pointed all my domains to my main website so i can control the enquiries and also can monitor traffic etc. This way if a domain is getting good keyword traffic i can decided to work in it. For generic domains i have put affiliate banners as well as a form so is someone lands on the enquiry form by mistake looking for the said topic they will get a banner to click and hopefully an affiliate commission for me.
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