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  1. Thesyndicate

    6 Lyrics Websites Domain 15 years Selling with script only £499 for all

    These domains selling with Lyric script and already up running website they all have Adsense and doing 1 dollar day before but I have not updated or touched them for long time. I bought the script and can used to unlimited domains. It run from one database to all. You need to install the...
  2. Ahmed Benlahreche

    Nominet EPP & DAC Guides For DEV

    Hello, I am in the process of developing a software and I need some information. Please, I searched a lot and did not find what I was searching for, I found about how to search for the domains using DAC but i did not find Documentation on how to regestered wen the domain is dropp using EPP Is...
  3. srccode

    Good Directory Script?

    Looking for something that's quick and easy to setup with a half decent template. Anybody tried the WP plugin?
  4. C

    Fresh Store Builder v2.7.0 Now Released

    I am pleased to announce v2.7.0 is available to all members. This is a big release with a lot of new features including the quick store setup, products in pages and fully customisable homepage products. Premium members also get an "Easy Upgrade" package. This is a separate download and...
  5. satch

    Amazon API job

    Hi guys, I need someone who is experienced with the Amazon API (uk) to do a job for me. Don't think it is a big job, basically need to show prices (in static text) of products in articles. I just want to enter a snippet of code which contains the ASIN to then display the price. Nothing more...
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