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Discussion in 'Selling Domain Names' started by atlas, Oct 12, 2017.

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    I think they are better examples of higher than 3 figure domains than what most people ( including myself ) post. I wouldn't sell domains much worse than those for 3 figures :D. It's relative I guess.

    I used domainoutbound to try too ( before the most recent changes ). I tried it with a domain that isn't close to the above but could still hold a commercial / services related value IMO, wasn't expecting the earth but was looking at mid - high xxx from an end user which I don't think is unrealistic if im prepared to wait it out. ( wpdesigner.co.uk ).

    The leads were a good in quantity, more than I expected but unfortunately all of them wanted to pay £xx which just isn't worth my time, id rather sit on it or do something with it when I had a moment free.

    I think domainoutbound is a great service, with the right domains It could do great. Or if someone's business model was to sell hundreds of XXX domains. For me however who only sells one or two domains a year and needs to maximise on the price point it didnt work.

    It was still a great experience and if I had a domain that I felt would do well, I wouldnt think twice about trying it again.
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    Agreed, I belive your wpdesigner.co.uk is priced fair in the mid XXX.
    Why should you sell your good ccTLD for XX if a Ngtld cost already XX? And the ngtld is not as common like yours. Yours maybe get typein traffic, the new gtld (most cases)definately not.