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Donations for homeless instead of Xmas presents

Discussion in 'General Board' started by dragon, Dec 18, 2019.

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    Sharing on behalf of a friend:

    It's that time of year again!

    Those that know me will remember I get a little bee in my bonnet in the winter. I get a bit passionate about the amount of money spent in the name of Christmas when those that are really in need are often completely overlooked. It truly angers me to see people who don't have so much as a roof over their heads' each night being treated as if they are completely invisible to shoppers purchasing expensive, unwanted/needed gifts for their friends and families.

    I'm fortunate enough that I don't really want or need for anything. However, if you have a few quid spare and would be willing to send it my way so that I can do a repeat of last year, I will happily do the donkey work.

    A little reminder of what we achieved last year: sleeping bags, socks, T-shirts, hats, gloves, trainers, duvets, jumpers, leggings, bedding, pillows, so much food......!!

    This was all dropped off at two charities - The Society of St James and Two Saints. Along with a cash donation to one of Southampton's addiction services, to help pay for rent and refreshments for their meetings.
    These are charities and organisations supporting people who need help and support, especially at this time of year!

    Collectively, with your help, I really think we can smash last year out the water.

    Let's do this!! Share it. Ask your friends and family to chip in. Have one less tree present and ask them for the cash! Have one less bottle of prosecco and send me the money instead. Every penny will truly help someone who won’t be e
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    Drop me a message for my bank details/PayPal address. Every single penny will be donated - this is 100% non-profitable. He doesn't give or receive any gifts at Christmas - this is where his money is spent instead!
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