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End user market for .uks and co.uks and domainer markets

Discussion in 'General Board' started by pugyrob, Aug 13, 2019.

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    Hi, i know this has likely been discussed many times. I was curious what people thought of the current domainer resale prices for co.uk Versus .uk and then conversely the end user prices for co.uk domains Versus .uk domains

    My view is that looking at some current sales of the premium .uk names, the domainer reseller market for their co.uk alternative would be a multiple of a few times. ie premiumdomain.uk ROR sells for £5k then premiumdomain.co.uk would likely sell for 3-6 times more to a domainer

    i didnt want to list specifcs as others on here own them but we all know the bigger .uk domain sales and i would think their co.uk counterpart would have gone for a lot more.

    For the end user market though i think the co.uk would sell many more times more than the .uk market right now. I have sold 2 domains in the last 6 months one for £20k and one for £35k and both end users were not bothered at all about the .uk. I do think this will change but might take years.

    In summary and in my opinion,as long term investments, .uk's are likely a good one but it might take amazon, google, bbc or others to start using them to make that happen.

    This is more about what people think of current domainer resale prices of .uks compared to their co.uk counterpart.
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    The UK domain name landscape has certainly changed this year.

    Until recently, the vast majority of domainers either included the RoR or the .uk itself when selling a .co.uk.

    Now, I think the vast majority will treat them as separate entities and sell them as such.

    There was a rule of thumb that a typical dotcom was worth ten times the .co.uk equivalent (I personally believe the gulf is now bigger). I don't think the .co.uk has that size of advantage over a .uk, but I still do value them at maybe 2-3 times. How quickly that will change who knows?
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    During ROR, the price of a .uk fluctuated between 20-30% value of the .co.uk counterpart. With the release, the gap has narrowed, but mainly due to a surge of speculative purchases from domain investors with deep pockets to take a punt. Nothing much has changed, so expect that ratio to still be true in the short to medium term. The only fresh interest in .uk has come from European investors who prefer .uk, as it matches with most EU countries; .fr, .de, .es etc, there doesn't appear to be any end-user adoption of note. The gap to .com has widened considerably.
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