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.uk Domain D-day planning?

Discussion in 'General Board' started by ausername, Dec 15, 2017.

  1. ausername United Kingdom

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    How do people think this is going to play out?

    123reg and a few other registrars have made this a lot less exciting by ensuring that loads of domains won't be dropping until late 2019....

    ... I'm building a little pot of money with a view to finding some gems on d-day, already doing a bit of prep for this (potentially a huge opportunity for those of us who don't currently have a portfolio).

    But how is this going to work for people who already have massive portfolio's and are already at full capacity when it comes to renewals etc. Are those people going to be regging the .uk for their best domains but dropping a lot of their portfolio over the next 18 months to make room for new registrations? They are going to have double the number of domain renewals to pay for if they don't do something along these lines?

    As shambolic as this whole thing has been, I do sort of see it as a leveling of the playing field in a way... a nice little opportunity for some newer entrants to build a nice little portfolio in 2019 if they work hard enough, with some inevitable shrinkage of portfolio's when renewal costs double (for both extensions).

    Another thing to factor in though is that its probably actually going to drive down wholesale prices for some time, as people are going to all be trying to flip .uk's quickly.... going to be a massive oversupply of wholesale domains on here and domainlore for a while?

    Really looking forward to seeing what gems people manage to snap up on the day, and the inevitable Acorn Domains 'D-day' thread (could break records?)... and the many weeks of angry .co.uk owners coming on here to moan about domainers registering the .uk they forgot to register.

    Its basically going to be a buyers market for a while on here after the event, so a good time to be holding sterling to acquire stuff with a view to holding longer term? Have a feeling a few members here have already been doing that, claiming to be quitting domaining but I suspect they'll be back in 2019 when things get exciting again :D

    Are those of you with massive portfolio's planning on embarking on a portfolio reduction process prior to having to register .uk's for pairing, and to make room for new acquisitions around that time?

    And has anybody ever pointed out that if we have another Scottish referendum the .uk extension could become instantly irrelevant and we may all have to go through this again with .eng and .sco?
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    Hmmm, I'm hoping the situation is a lot clearer by then, as at the moment, .uk just isn't a factor, yet massively impacts the price of selling a .co.uk if you don't at least own the .uk (from a reseller perspective anyway). I suspect we are going to be stuck in this limbo forever.