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Sep 27, 2012
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Small Sites

free-bingo.co - 10 page site - $2.5k – last 90 days visitors 22. Has an odd conversion here and there – nothing consistent though.

highrollercasino.co - 10 page site - $1k – 90 days visitors 135 – this has brought the odd ftds over the years. The site needs updating and expanding.

onlinesoccerbetting.com & onlinesoccerbetting.org - 47 pages $2k – 90 days visitors 397. This has brought a few players over the years. The site is under monetized and needs expanding / regular updating – of which I do not have time to do..

Converting Sites

bingoie.com - $5k – Irish facing bingo portal. This site is good for a few conversions every month.. Over the last 90 days, the site has generated 230 visitors.

onlinebingosites.org - 27 pages, traffic the last 90 days is 127 visitors. This site generates a few conversions per month. I have never pushed or given this site the attention it deserves, as I already have a large project and a few smaller ones. Said another way, I do not have time for this site but the framework is definitely in place for someone who does. $8k

I will accept most form of payments but I will put a 5% discount on any uk bank wires.

Please pm or ask in this thread for any further information.

The Rule #1

Do not insult any other member. Be polite and do business. Thank you!

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