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  1. T

    taxiportugal.com ( taxi + portugal)

    taxiportugal.com Registar : dynadot Registry Expiry Date: 2023-10-22 Payment : Dan / Skrill Price : £6000 Key words Taxi + Potugal over 14k search per month in google and approximately over $1.00 payment for google adz for the domain key words. High profitable and brandable domain for...
  2. I

    _co_uk HotelKingdom

    Send offers by PM
  3. D


    LiechtensteinTravel.com 16 year old $3500
  4. I

    Selling Travel Website (from 2008)

    - currently earning $50 - $70 per month (was $250 per month) - website - registered 2008 - total earnings - $22,012.97 - no promotion done PM me for Website Details.
  5. BG


    Hi Guys, I'm trying a new approach to see if it gains any traction as i see this as the future of selling domains ;) I am selling the premium travel domain > Kavos.com Kavos is often referred to as the party capital of Greece due to the vast amounts of young people it attracts year-on-year...
  6. DomainSteve

    Clearance - only £20 each - includes .uk domains

    Clearance - only £15 each - includes .uk domains HolidaySeychelles.co.uk + .uk HolidaysGermany.co.uk + .uk JewishHolidays.co.uk + .uk SouthportHotels.co.uk + .uk T***********.co.uk -- SOLD
  7. B

    cottagesinfrance.co.uk and other "infrance" domains

    I have a small collection of accommodation related domains. If anyone has any thoughts on potential value it would be great to hear! My plans were to do some initial development, but things have been a bit too busy over the last couple of years. Domains as follows: cottageinfrance.co.uk...
  8. paymatters

    destinate co.uk and uk

    Thought this was quite good for a travel brand. Is actually a word meaning ordained by fate. To destine, design or choose. Sounds like destination. .com advertised for $9k but that probably doesn't mean much.
  9. D

    _co_uk Ferry website + 5 Domains (Sale or Swap)

    Clearing out my portfolio to focus on a few finance websites so this website is up for sale: Ferryeasy.co.uk PA26 DA18 I have bought the domain on this forum for £250 about a year ago. The site has a premium Wordpress theme and 100% unique content written by a UK writer. Comes with the...
  10. S

    _co_uk TravelAndTourism.co.uk and TravelInformation.co.uk

    Hello all, Whilst the weather is with us does anyone wish to place a bid on any of the following: Domain name: travelinformation.co.uk Expiry date: 20-Aug-2016 Registrar: Daily Internet Services Limited t/a Daily.co.uk [Tag = DAILY] URL: http://www.daily.co.uk...
  11. S

    _co_uk Top UK Domains in our Portfolio

    Lots of good summer UK domains here so reply and make an offer or contact us at [email protected] We DO NOT buy domains - we simply sell them for other people and so do not consider buying similar domains to those already in our portfolio. Many thanks sircles By the way, here is the...
  12. J


    City in Brazil. High value domain for travel agency. Ready for open bids!! For sale at: Ifuge.com : http://www.ifuge.com/auctions/co-uk/portoalegre-co-uk/ or Sedo.com ...
  13. essexway

    DomainLore Auction ChristmasTrips.co.uk

    http://www.ChristmasTrips.co.uk at https://domainlore.uk/auctions/gems_id/10541 Ends Weds 15th Oct .
  14. stevew

    Travel and Holiday Type Domains

    Hi, We are looking for travel type holiday domains brand able generic for example flyforless unfortunately it needs to be com or au.com we will consider the .co.uk but only if we have the com with it. We are compiling this small portfolio of domains for a well known holiday comparison company...
  15. S

    BudgetDestination.com - Ultra Low Reserve Flippa Auction - Premium Travel Domain!!!

    . Last 2 hrs left! Act now to get this premium domain for cheap! . BudgetDestination.com Ultra Premium And Very Brandable Travel Domain\Blog\Info\E-commerce Site!!! Flippa Auction - Ultra Low Reserve & Low BIN Flippa Link...
  16. essexway


    www. ChristmasTrips.co.uk on eBay - ends Mon http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/360745579347 .
  17. essexway


    www.ChristmasTrips.co.uk http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ChristmasTrips-co-uk-DOMAIN-Xmas-Travel-breaks-tours-day-trips-WEBSITE-ADDRESS-/360725502912?pt=UK_Computing_Services&hash=item53fcea5bc0 Also www.ChristmasBuy.co.uk .
  18. fraggle123


    bookflights.info. Open to offers for this one. Cheers.
  19. essexway


    SkiJump.co.uk http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/360562443987 www.skijump.co.uk .
  20. essexway


    www.HurghadaEgypt.co.uk Auction ending later today www.ebay.co.uk/itm/221002548298 .
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