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_co_uk 2 x Health Niche Content Sites With Traffic & Earnings

Discussion in 'UK Websites For Sale' started by Cubed Media, Aug 10, 2020.

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    Currently looking for offers on two of my content/affiliate websites in UK health niches. Neither have had any proper SEO done on them beyond literally have a dozen links built initially to help with indexing. All success so far is from the high quality content that has been published. I'm also continuing to publish good content every 2 weeks, these are therefore active sites - not sites I've let rot before trying to sell.

    They are perfectly positioned for someone who can invest the time in a proper SEO strategy as both sites have shown bags of potential and already rank well for some low competition terms.

    Ideally would like to sell both sites together but would consider selling seperately.

    Site 1 - CBD Niche

    Approx stats:
    • 1 year old
    • 50+ high quality articles
    • 1.2k uniques per month (almost entirely organic traffic)
    • £300-£350 per month earnings
    Heavily focused on reviewing CBD products and a lot of the traffic is brand related, meaning it converts pretty well. Plenty of scope to add more brands and grow the more general search term rankings. The CBD market is currently estimated to be worth £300m in the UK and is expected to triple in the next 5 years. So, establishing the site now could pay dividends going forward.

    Site 2 - Sleep Niche

    Approx stats:
    • 1 year old
    • 40+ high quality articles
    • 700 uniques per month (almost entirely organic traffic)
    • £400-£500 per month earnings
    Monetised mostly through reviews of blankets and mattresses. Heavily focused around anxiety and the effect on sleep. This led to a boom of sales and traffic during the lockdown period but has now tailed off a bit (though still has a steady flow of earnings). The online mattress niche is huge with the likes of Eve, Simba, Tweak, etc. The affiliate game is strong too, lots of competition though which is why the site covers a lot of detailed science-based topics around sleeping better. The aim was to become an authority source to boost rankings for competitive terms.

    Why am I selling?

    Most of my other sites are in the property and B2B niches, therefore, these sites don't really fit and I'm finding it hard to focus time across all the different niches. I'm reluctantly inviting offers on these two sites so I can spend more time on my other projects - especially as I also have a full-time job still!

    Happy to provide more details, GA access, etc for serious buyers. I can also do a walkthrough of earnings, etc if required. Please PM me if interested.
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