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Selling on Sedo.com

To add to that, the value of Sedo is providing a marketplace. Sadly integration of available domains into registrar search results for .uk is meagre to say the least.

The Uniregistry market allows you to broker your own sales using the leads provided by their system at no cost.

Their landers are also significantly nicer than Sedo (though not as nice as DomainManage)

Sedo are miles away from fulfilling their potential - and it's probably already too late.
Try explaining that to buyers who already feel price expectations are high.

It's pretty hard to justify 15% fees in an online transaction.

Spot-on. and I know I put a lot of work into
* trademark and 'class' checking
* Market awareness
* Market pricing
* Sales potential
to have Sedo pull the plug and Zero everything I've spent ages listing and doing, because I questioned a 20% sales Commission is really taking the Piss.
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Sedo are miles away from fulfilling their potential - and it's probably already too late.

Sedo rely entirely on their position as one of the first to market; they haven't evolved since then. It constantly amazes me how they are still in business tbh.
I moved my domains away from Sedo a while ago to Uniregistry and have had a few passive sales, without the significant fee's Sedo charge. I also noticed an increase in sales leads since moving to Uniregistry although quite a few have lead to no replies.

The best thing is though, it also means i can just deal directly with any interested buyers and not have Sedo slow the whole process down with their very old procedures they still put in place.

I too am actually amazed Sedo are still operating, as i've said before, they haven't evolved in the slightest and as Ian says their current position is due to being there since the early days.
15% or even 20% commission sounds fine if their brokers are going to spend a serious amount of time prospecting likely buyers and then hit the phones and talk to the right people to make a deal at least possible. But for taking a walk-in lead off a parking/sales lander (or even a lead via the internal Sedo search engine) it sounds very greedy indeed.

For a bit of perspective, think about all the work a good estate agent puts in before they see their 0.5% or 1% commission. Sure, it's on a (likely) higher-ticket item, but they still do a whole lot of real work for their cut!

And if you're paying 1% commission to an estate agent on the sale of a £250,000 house, their take is £2,500. That's the same commission as a domain "broker" would take on the £12,500 sale of a domain if the commission rate's 20%. And (99% of the time, it looks like) for much, much less effort!

I am not suggesting that Sedo should proactively sell all the millions of names on their platform. But there should be two very different commission tiers, e.g. 5% and 20% - to earn the 20% they would have to find a buyer within (say) the first 60 days of listing and at a level that meets your pre-set price expectations.
We have never listed domains for sale on Sedo, but have used their services on a few occasions, with no problems.

We have a sale near completion which is the result of proactive work from Albert Schimmel (a Sedo broker) who has made a few posts here. He asked for a price on a domain and negotiated a number to suit both parties. Sedo commission is into four figures, but the buyer has agreed to pay that, plus the VAT.

I guess this will only happen with quality domains, but dealing directly Albert has been a good experience.

The deal is good for Sedo, and down to the initiative and contacts of their broker. Now that I know the identity of the buyer I think there is a reasonable chance someone on Acorn could have made the connection, with a decent reward.
@keys Looking forward to the next sale ;) and it is good to see that this a really active forum. Like in every business win-win should always be the target and constructive criticism is a great way for all to get better. Cheers and have a great evening!
To be fair, I had one good experience with Sedo, though as per @keys experience, it was through a broker. I had a successful purchase using Sedo broker Negar Hajikhani. These guys should really be looking to move to Uniregistry to actively broker for them instead.
Over the years I've had about £40 to 50k worth of sales through sedo, I'm not complaining (apart from that last £1k commission hit) but they've not evolved . - Just relied on their old format. Amazing really. Can't see 150 employees having any long-term future there. Why they spend so much on their public-persona. and Not what 'hits' in todays competitive market still tells me they've become far to complacent on people like me - just leaving domains on their sales /parked servers
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Does anyone know if domainnamesales now allow small portfolios? Last time I tried to join I was told I had submitted too few domains.
Does anyone know if domainnamesales now allow small portfolios? Last time I tried to join I was told I had submitted too few domains.
Isn't domainnamesales just part of uniregistry now, so have relaxed the terms?
Does anyone know if domainnamesales now allow small portfolios? Last time I tried to join I was told I had submitted too few domains.

DomainNameSales has now evolved and became a UniRegistry. Based on my personal experience, UniRegistry had accepted some of my domains. The best part is their Brokers are so active in following up sales lead. Just try to sign up again but go direct to the UniRegistry portal.
An old thread I know, but I'm with Afternic and Sedo (I don't have the same domains on both, that's asking for potential trouble in my book).

I can use Sedo for some extensions I can't put on Afternic, which is useful.

I've sold domains via Afternic, but none thus far though Sedo, where I have fewer domains.

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