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stack of domains to go

Oct 9, 2014
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Hi there

A whole pile that we're 99% certain we are not renewing - grab now if there's something that takes your fancy and you don't want to attempt the catch route.

**** all gone now ****

thanks to all of you for the interest and the buys, my apologies to those that missed out.
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I like the stationary one but it's spelt wrong. Only chance is for misspelt traffic.
I like the stationary one but it's spelt wrong. Only chance is for misspelt traffic.

yeah, i appreciate that, but with respect if we had the correct spelling of stationery for this it wouldn't be going so low ;)

thanks for messages all gone now.......sorry for those that missed out, deal was done overnight
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Anyone else not received the domains they agreed to buy yet? This isn't Robert's fault, he's just the messenger, but I'm wondering if I'm the only one still waiting?

Stephen, the company owner, is being beyond slack in getting in touch :(
all I can say at this stage is I have forwarded this all on again and I hope to have it sorted out properly asap.

I am truly sorry, martin-s, and am doing my best to get this all sorted.
Still no progress on this - and a total lack of response from Robert's boss Stephen Hall (Web Consultancy Group Limited).

Anyone dealt successfully? I must have sent 10 chases over the past couple of months.


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