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Discussion in 'General Board' started by Murray, Mar 26, 2020.

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    Just as a random thought.... I think we're due another big crash very very soon. Earnings results start to come out this month and previous were as pandemic was new. In the US , cases are spiking through the roof (as lots are being muppets ) S&P and NASDAQ have continued to recover consistently for no real reason. Be careful if anyone is up to the top of their waders.
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    I only buy physical Gold at the moment. Everytime I sell something digital (e.g. a domain etc) I buy some physical Gold and stick it in a vault with Brinks in London. One would be crazy to put anything in stocks or anything paper based at the moment, the only reasons S&P and NASDAQ have continued to recover consistently is due to the shameful QE measures introduced by our moronic governments. There is no free market any more as the govs can control and decide who gets saved, who gets some money, who goes into lockdown and there's no chance of a proper decent old school recession (obviously due to all the QE) which is a natural cycle to clear the deadwood out which was long overdue before the scamdemic hit. People are still borrowing beyond their means and I really think negative interest rates are not far off to get the hoarders to start pumping some cash. Literally my neighbour who was on furlough has just been binned today, we're only a few months away from mass credit defaults. The UK population is only about 40% overweight/obese so why worry about any of this because we can get 50% off a meal we don't need and wash it down with 10 pints of lager... maybe buying some stocks in breweries would be sensible.
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    I still think stocks are there to be played, in the short term anyway

    Either way, buy/sell

    Might be a good time to buy a volatility etf with a lot of big bank Q2 results coming out this week

    I don't see anything wrong in putting some money in a gold/silver cdf on leverage either as long as you time it right when it's bouncing off a strong support level

    Bitcoin seems ready to break out too

    I don't know enough to benefit from it but I bet if you're a savvy day/swing trader you're going to make a killing off the Q2 results coming out in the next 2-3 weeks