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    I am fairly new to buying and selling domain names and have only recently started to take the time to carefully read through the domain dispute information on the Nominet web-site. One way I was looking to sell domains was to pick up .co.uk versions of .com addresses already registered, or .uk domains of the .co.uk domains already registered. I would then contact the owners of the .co.uk/.com addresses to see if they would be interested in purchasing the domain so they could use them.

    Reading the information on the Nominet web-site in relation to Abusive Registrations I would fall foul of this:
    • The domain name was registered with the primary purpose of selling or renting it specifically to the Complainant (or a competitor) for more than the Respondent paid for it
    My opinion coming in to this was that if the domain was free to register I would be able to market it directly to an end user to purchase from me. Is there anyone on here who has actively sold domains in this way? I understand the implications of doing this with a name that has been Trademarked and would stay clear of selling a trademarked name. But if I picked up a non TM domain consisting of generic terms - is this still deemed an abusive registration if I contact the end user to try and sell it them?
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